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Comment #00758 - Where is the documentation? - z39_96-2015.pdf (revision #1)

Comment 758
Addressed (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.1 (Revision 1)
Comment Submitted by
Chris Cooke
2017-08-23 10:37:55

Where is the documentation for version 1.1?  When you click on the link on the left for "JATS v1.1 (Current Standard)" under the "Tag Suite Versions" section, it brings up a page (https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/1.1/index.html) that explains a problem with the ALI namespace, but never gives a link to the actual documentation.  As a contrast, clicking on the "NISO JATS v1.0 (2012 Standard)" brings up a page (https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/1.0/) which has a link to the actual documentation.  This is a major problem because I have a publisher asking me when I'll be ready to handle JATS 1.1, but I have no idea what makes it different from 1.0 since you do not provide the link to the documenation.

Submitter Proposed Solution

The solution is very simple.  Just provide a link to the documentation.

Ms. B. Tommie Usdin
2017-08-30 13:35:35

To get to the documentation of the tag suites from https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/ you can click on the Tag Set that interests you, e.g., the "Journal Archiving and Interchange" link is the top link in the right hand colum of the body of the page. You can also go directly to the current versions of the Tag Libararies at: 

     - https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/archiving/tag-library/1.1/
     - https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/publishing/tag-library/1.1/
     - https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/articleauthoring/tag-library/1.1/
  (The "Tag Suite Verions" heading is identifying desicriptions of the various version of the tag suite and how they differ.)