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Comment #00757 - Multiple <permissions> elements within <sec-meta> - z39_96-2015.pdf (revision #1)

Comment 757
New (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.1 (Revision 1)
Comment Submitted by
Rhiannon Miller
2017-07-28 02:14:33

Currently, multiple <permissions> elements are allowed in, for example, <fig>, <boxed-text> and <table-wrap>. However, only up to one <permissions> element is allowed in <sec-meta>. This is inconsistent and is causing us problems with tagging sections with multiple copyright lines.

Submitter Proposed Solution

Please allow multiple <permissions> elements within <sec-meta>, along the same lines as in <fig> and <table-wrap>.