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Comment #00622 - Please define attribute for related-article-type of preprint - z39_96-2015.pdf (revision #1)

Comment 622
Addressed (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.1 (Revision 1)
Comment Submitted by
Bruce Rosenblum
2016-05-09 17:35:32

Under new Crossref guidelines, a preprint may have a different DOI from a final article. In this situation, it's appropriate to use related-article to tie the final publication with DOI X to preprint publicationn Y that was published with a different DOI. However related-article-type does not have a recommended value for a relation of preprint to final article. Since related-article-type is a CDATA value, please add recommended related-article-type values for this situation for pointers in both directions (preprint to final, and final to preprint)

Submitter Proposed Solution
Ms. B. Tommie Usdin
2017-08-31 09:20:02

The following values will be added to @related-article-type:

  • ?preprint? ? Used in version of record or published article to point to one of its preprints?.
  • ?version-?of-?record? ? Used in any article that is not a VoR, to point to the VoR of the article for which the current article is a different version, for example, a 'preprint' manuscript could point to the published article.

The same attribute values will be added to the discussion of @content-type for <related-object>, with documentation making it clear that this concerns preprints of books NOT articles.