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Comment #00566 - Addition of disp-formula element to table-wrap - z39.96-2012.pdf

Comment 566
Addressed (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite (version 1.0) (Revision 0)
Comment Submitted by
Jeff Fisher
2015-03-19 12:31:46

Some tables use a math or chemical equation as a primary descriptor of the table information. Typically these are shown under the table title and above the table body. An example is provided in the Supporting File as "Table equation.jpg". Today a graphic, media object, chemical structure wrapper, and other elements can be used to describe the contents of the table; however, a display formula is not allowed in this context. When mathML is used to provide this descriptive information, the lack of support for display formula can be problematic. 

Supporting File: Table equation.jpg
Submitter Proposed Solution

Within the table-wrap element, allow the use of the disp-formula element prior to the table element, simiilar to support for the graphic, media, and chem-struct-wrap elements within table-wrap.

Ms. B. Tommie Usdin
2017-08-31 11:42:02

We will permit the <disp-formula> element to be used within <table-wrap> as a sibling to <graphic>, <media>, <chem-struct-wrapper>, and other elements.