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Comment #00392 - Validation errors in new version 1.1D1 - z39.96-2012.pdf

Comment 392
Addressed (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite (version 1.0) (Revision 0)
Comment Submitted by
Mohamed Gad
2013-12-17 23:37:53
I've a problems with the schema:

There are 336 validation errors when I valid the attached file in schema file ---> 981710-xsd.xml

I've a problem with the DTD:

When I validate my XMl file in DTD, refer id is not valid when I put id in mml:math also check the attached file ---> 981710-dtd.xml
Supporting File: 981710-xsd.zip
Submitter Proposed Solution
Ms. B. Tommie Usdin
2015-07-09 11:26:55

This comment is not germane to the the JATS Standard; it is related to the informal non-normative supporting documentation. (That said, the issue has been resolved on a public mailing list.)