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Comment #00377 - Enhanced metadata - rp-19-201x_ODI_draft_for_comments_final.pdf (revision #2)

Comment 377
New (Unresolved)
NISO RP-19-201x, Open Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery (draft for comments) (Revision 2)
Comment Submitted by
Tamar Sadeh
2013-11-18 10:38:46

The recommendations include an open access flag that can be yes/no.  The ODI recommendations should be aligned here with the requirements of the Open Access metadata NISO group. It’s currently in progress but the drafted requirements will contain a “free for read” tag on article level and a license ref tag with a URL to the re-use license. The latter could be part of the enhanced metadata but I recommend that the “free for read” tag is a basic metadata requirement.

Submitter Proposed Solution

Revise requirements for the Open Access flag to align with the NISO Open Access metadata group.