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Comment #00369 - Metadata Information Included in Content Listings - rp-19-201x_ODI_draft_for_comments_final.pdf (revision #2)

Comment 369
New (Unresolved)
NISO RP-19-201x, Open Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery (draft for comments) (Revision 2)
Comment Submitted by
Lucy Harrison
2013-11-15 12:42:27

Why is the metadata type and/or content provided for indexing not included as part of the recommended "metadata elements" for the Discovery Service Content Listings? It seems like an indication of at least whether the content has Basic metadata, Enhanced metadata, or Full Text would be critical information to include in the content listing.

Submitter Proposed Solution

In the Discovery Service Content Listings, nclude information about whether the discovery service has access to/indexing for Basic metadata, Enhanced metadata, and Full Text.