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Comment #00346 - Strange definition of contributor - rp-19-201x_ODI_draft_for_comments_final.pdf (revision #2)

Comment 346
New (Unresolved)
NISO RP-19-201x, Open Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery (draft for comments) (Revision 2)
Comment Submitted by
Alison Hitchens
2013-11-05 10:11:20

At table 3 contributor is defined as:

The content provider that makes the record available. For full text items, this is generally the publisher. For A&I-provided items, this is generally the organization responsible for the indexing. This seems like a strange definition for contributor

Submitter Proposed Solution

Use dublin core definition of contributor "An entity responsible for making contributions to the resource." Find a different descriptor for provider of the metadata record.