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Comment #00321 - Basic metadata elements - rp-19-201x_ODI_draft_for_comments_final.pdf (revision #2)

Comment 321
New (Unresolved)
NISO RP-19-201x, Open Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery (draft for comments) (Revision 2)
Comment Submitted by
Lukas Koster
2013-10-18 03:59:23

- Identifiers are not always numbers. Just use “identifier” instead of “number” in the definitions

- It’s good to ask for identifiers for the items. I would also like to require identifiers for all other metadata elements, author, publisher, etc. Preferably in the form of URIs (linked data identifiers) in order to make the use of linked data possible for Discovery Service Providers and Customers/Libraries.

- Item URL: OpenURL is a bad idea. The concept of OpenURL is not to provide a permanent link, but to construct a link based on the available metadata, that can be used with local link resolvers. Better would be to use URIs for everything.

- Online identifier: for articles I would suggest DOIs

- I would certainly add citation information to the Basic metadata elements for articles etc.: “Component of” etc. which would entail the journal, book, etc. names + identifiers, date of publication, volume, issue, pages etc. This also would make dynamic generation of OpenURLs possible. Articles are the main component of central indexes, it would be strange if they couldn’t be linked to.

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