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Comment #00281 - Funder identifier tagging - z39.96-2012.pdf

Comment 281
Addressed (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite (version 1.0) (Revision 0)
Comment Submitted by
Paul Schmitz
2013-06-27 10:40:51

With the advent of CrossRef's FundRef project, We're looking at ways to represent funding information in JATS so that it can be provided to CrossRef. The pertinent tagging (from the example at <http://help.crossref.org/#fundref>)

<fr:program name="fundref">
<fr:assertion name="funder_name">ABC Inc.
<fr:assertion name="funder_identifier">
http://dx.doi.org/10.13039/ABC Inc.
<fr:assertion name="award_number">BXDFSDS</fr:assertion>

It appears that the JATS <funding-group> and <award-group> elements can map to some of the FundRef elements -- for example,

funding-source => fr:assertion name="funder_name"
award-id => fr:assertion name="award_number"

However, there doesn't appear to be a JATS element that maps to <fr:assertion name="funder_identifier">. It's been suggested that <named-content content-type="funder-id"> might be used to capture the information.

Perhaps this is something that might be addressed in the next iteration of the DTD?

Submitter Proposed Solution
Jeffrey Beck
2013-11-27 11:26:43

Thank you for your comment. The JATS Standing Committe has addressed your request. Non-normative supporting materials including schemas with these additions in place should be available soon.

The Standing Committee's recommendation is:

The new elements <institution-wrap> and <institution-id> (see Comment 00250 above) are an acceptable solution
for this request.

     To create the Cross-ref submission:
        1) the whole funding-source could map to fr:assertion name="funder_name"
           OR (if the tagging is more granular):
        2) funding-source/institution could map to fr:assertion name="funder_name"
        3) funding-source/institution-id could map to fr:assertionname="funder_identifier"