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Comment #00276 - Add <contrib-group> to <on-behalf-of> - z39.96-2012.pdf

Comment 276
Addressed (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite (version 1.0) (Revision 0)
Comment Submitted by
Mike Eden
2013-06-13 08:24:51
using Abigail Elbow's 2013-05-31 "add <xref> as possible child of <on-behalf-of>" as an example, if we are referring to a footnote that leads to a list of members of that group, we would want to be able to pass that list of investigators onto PubMed, so it would be useful to capture these at this level as per <collab>.
Submitter Proposed Solution
include <contrib-group> as child of <on-behalf-of>
Jeffrey Beck
2013-11-27 11:19:36

Thank you for your comment. The JATS Standing Committe has addressed your request. Non-normative supporting materials including schemas with these additions in place should be available soon.

The Standing Committee's recommendation is:

• The elements <institution> and <institution-wrap> will be added to the content of
• The elements <contrib> and <contrib-group> will not be added to the content of <on-behalf-of>.