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Comment 259
Addressed (Unresolved)
ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite (version 1.0) (Revision 0)
Comment Submitted by
Jeffrey Beck
2013-05-10 11:18:41
This request is submitted by Jeff Beck on behalf of the BITS working group. It was originally submitted by Nikos Markantonatos <nikos@atypon.com> through the JATS List.

Request: We have been asked by a typesetting house to relay a request to the JATS maintenance list to support MathML 3.x in JATS:


Background: Apparently, some clients of theirs use this newer version of MathML and it proves a serious limitation to them that JATS does not inherently support it. Note that MathML 3 is backwards compatible with MathML 2, but there is less support available for it yet.

Discussion: Mulberry has added MathML 3.0 to JATS for a client. The module replacements are very simple, but it does disclose an interesting problem. BITS/JATS uses a class/mixes system, and names all its parameter entities accordingly: “list.class”, “emphasis.class’, “product.class”, et al. The new MathML 3.0 DTD has a very different naming schema, but it now (unlike MathML 2.0) includes “.class’ parameter entities. Sure enough, “product.class” is an overlap, which would fail silently, since the BITS/JATS libraries are called in before those of MathML.

The temporary solution: In coordination with a few members of the W3C MathML Committee, we hacked the MathML DTD code, since this problem does not alter the MathML Tag Set at all and only happens in the DTD-based version, not occurring in the XSD version.
Submitter Proposed Solution
The BITS Working Group forwards this to JATS for a response.
Jeffrey Beck
2013-11-27 10:52:29

Thank you for your comment. The JATS Standing Committe has addressed your request. Non-normative supporting materials including schemas with these additions in place should be available soon.

The Standing Committee's recommendation is:

• The next release of the standard will replace MathML 2.0 with MathML 3.0.

• For backwards compatibility, the non-normative DTDs will be made available with MathML 2.0. Looking to the
immediate future, the non-normative DTDs will also be made available with MathML 3.0.

• We realize that this increases the number of DTDs available, and we will publish a decision chart or similar in the
documentation to guide users.