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Title Canonical Citation Community Profile
Name Canonical Citation Community Profile (no size)
Description This document is a link to http://www.openurl.info/registry/docs/pro/info:ofi/pro:canonical_cit
The proposed community profile for the use cases of the canonical citation metadata format submitted by David Ruddy on October 20th, 1010. This profile is based on the info:ofi/pro:sap1-2004 community profile. The difference is that the canonical citation KEV metadata format:


has been added, and the patent KEV metadata format:


has been removed based on input from David Ruddy.
Document State Final (Released for distribution.)
Group / Folder Z39.88 (OpenURL) Review Panel / Review Documents / Cannonical Citations
Submitter By Phil Norman on Thursday, 07 April 2011 11:03am
Modified By Phil Norman on Friday, 19 August 2011 11:47am
Technical Contact Jeff Young
Public URL http://www.niso.org/apps/group_public/document.php?document_id=6178&wg_abbrev=z3988review